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At TransWarrants we offer companies the best way to obtain working capital financing based on inventory guarantees. We are industry leaders with more than 40 years of experience.

It is a system through which a company offers a guarantee by providing part of its merchandise to a creditor in return for financing, thereby mitigating a creditor’s risk.

- Companies that market products with a long shelf life. - Companies with seasonal businesses or that accumulate inventory at a given time of year. - Companies that do not have traditional guarantees or that already have them committed to other creditors. - Companies with policies that prohibit them from committing their assets or using their partners’ personal guarantees to obtain short-term loans. - Companies that, due to their line of business, are forced to maintain large volumes of merchandise. - Growing companies that need an increase in working capital financing. The warehouse receipt is used as an alternative guarantee to restructure credits.

It allows a company to transform its inventory into working capital and ensure the growth of the company. It mitigates risk for creditors, which enables them to lower financing conditions and therefore offer clients greater amounts of financing and better interest rates.

If you have inventory that you can set aside as a guarantee, then contact us and we will advise you accordingly. By working with the entire financing industry, we can obtain financing with short notice.

We are the leading company in the industry with more than 40 years of experience. We work with all banks and all major non-banking industry players. We are also audited by the Financial Market Commission (CMF) and have obtained the highest rating - Class A. We belong to the TW group of companies with a market presence in logistics and real estate.

The time frame for a warehouse receipt to be constituted is between 24 and 48 hours. The warehouse receipt is issued immediately following the instruction of the creditor.

To settle the guarantee, the creditor only needs to report the client’s breach of its obligations and request settlement. The merchandise will be auctioned without prior legal proceedings.

We work with all types of industries: retail, car, mining, farm machinery, raw material, forestry, freight, wine, farming, seafood, among others.

We are under the supervision of the CMF, which, among other aspects, permanently ensures that the guarantees are issued in accordance with the deposit receipt and that we, as a company, have a certain level of financial solvency. Since its inception, TransWarrants is a Class A General Deposit Warehouse company.

We charge a monthly fee for the amount of the guarantee provided. This fee is reasonable and competitive and depends, among other factors, on the size of the warehouse receipt and the type of merchandise.

As a company with TransWarrants you obtain:

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