What is a warehouse receipt?

What is a warehouse receipt?


Benefits |


There is a new way to obtain resources,
which is within my reach, is efficient and allows me to grow my business.


This is a guarantee that is easy to use, quick to set up and issue (on average 48 hours). It is settled only upon the instruction of the creditor.


This allows a company to obtain greater liquidity by transforming its inventories into working capital.


Given that creditors receive a guarantee that diminishes their associated risk, it is possible to obtain better financing terms regarding the amount, credit term and interest rates.


There is no need to provide personal guarantees or compromise company assets.


TransWarrants gives the debtor the option to replace all or part of the goods deposited with others of equal or similar quality, avoiding problems such as obsolescence, seasonal trends or product expiration.


Through its team of experts, TransWarrants provides a service tailored to the needs of its customers.

Types of Products |

Warehouse receipts can be constituted with any type of goods, raw material, merchandise or finished product, whether domestic or imported, or a mix of these. The products must be able to be stored for a specified period of time, not require very specific storage conditions for proper maintenance and not be affected by obsolescence, seasonal trends or a short shelf life.

Types of companies |

  • Import or export companies.
  • Companies that market products with a long shelf life.
  • Companies with seasonal businesses or that accumulate inventory at a given time of year.
  • Companies that are forced to maintain large volumes of merchandise as emergency stock.
  • Companies that do not have traditional mortgage guarantees or that already have them committed to other creditors.
  • Companies with policies that prohibit them from committing their assets (fixed assets) or using their partners’ personal guarantees to obtain short-term loans.
  • Companies that need to purchase in bulk to obtain discounts and/or ensure product supplies.
  • Growing companies that require an increase in working capital or are restructuring loans.

How warehouse receipts are issued |

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